What Advocacy Skill Do You Wish You Had?

Happy Weekend!

I hope you’re all doing as well as possible. Especially those of us who are getting snow in May! (I wish I was joking about this, but alas, it’s currently snowing.)

As we settle into a world with COVID and (unfortunately) get used to it, I’m thinking more about how we move forward in our new reality. One way that I personally am doing that is going back to my advocacy toolbox and brushing up on some skills that I haven’t used in a while because I’ve been focusing on staying safe and cutting myself some slack.

But in addition to getting back into the skills that I haven’t used in a while, I’m thinking about how I can improve as an advocate. Which is what leads me to a question for all of you:

What advocacy skill do you wish you had or wish you were better at?

It can absolutely be a skill that you’ve started working on here through the Challenges WEGO offers. Maybe it’s one that you started working on through a Challenge but haven’t worked on the skill itself in a while. Maybe it’s one that isn’t offered here but you would like to see.

I would love to see your answers here, but if you have an idea for a Challenge, don’t forget that you can suggest one through the Challenges page.


Wish I better understood how to use Twitter, Instagram, and other social medical platforms to spread the word.


Hello bettermarie what are some of the most critical stalling points with these social media platforms

I’m still fairly new to advocacy and I’m working on getting more helpful content on my blog, but marketing so people actually hear what I have to say is struggle for me. Social Media marketing, email marketing, etc., I never really know where to start to grow my following.
It’s also not really a skill, but confidence is a big struggle sometimes too

I wish I already had the ability and opportunity to be a speaker. I think I have been through so much like most of us and have so much to speak on. I have always been so shy and lost all my teeth 5 years ago due to a bone disease in my face and yet have been able to afford to get new ones. So my confidence has went backwards a bit in my advocacy but I push myself more than ever have before and still hope to be a speaker one day. I have 6 rare diseases among many other diagnoses.